Volunteer to be a part of one or many of our exciting events. Show St. Albert how much you care and volunteer to be part of the celebration.

  • Minimum age 12 years. Youth volunteers (12 to 17 years) require parental consent. (Please complete consent portion of this application.)
  • Volunteer shifts and placements are subject to change (notice will be given whenever possible).
  • Applicants may have to present a photo ID with this application form.
  • Volunteers shall wear their 150th Anniversary Celebration ID tags and t-shirts at all times during their volunteer shifts.
  • Volunteers shall portray a positive image to the public.
  • Volunteers shall treat other volunteers, performers, staff and the public with dignity and respect.
  • In the event of any difficulty volunteers shall contact their team leader or the Volunteer Chair/Manager.
  • Driver’s abstract will be required for transportation positions.

There may be additional screening required for some volunteer positions.

  • I understand that the 150th Anniversary Celebration or its representatives may remove me from this volunteer position at any time and for any reason, without notice or compensation. I understand and agree that all tasks I perform in this volunteer position will be undertaken by me voluntarily, and on the understanding that I will not hold the City of St. Albert, 150th Anniversary Celebration or its representatives liable for any injury, loss, damage or expense which I may sustain during my activities as a volunteer.
  • Note: A Criminal Records/Child Welfare check may be required for all adult volunteers. Please indicate permission.
  • I hereby agree to be a 150th Anniversary Celebration Volunteer if selected by the 150th Anniversary Celebration Committee or its representatives. I understand that this is stricly a volunteer position involving no payment from the 150th Anniversary Celebration (either salary or reimbursement of expenses). As such I will not, by virtue of this volunteer position be considered an employee, contractor or agent of the 150thAnniversary Celebration.

Parental/Guardian Consent

I understand that where I am signing this form as parent or legal guardian of a prospective volunteer under the age of 18, I am agreeing and warranting that I agree to have my child or ward participate as a volunteer of the 150th Anniversary Celebration and that both I and the prospective volunteer will be bound by the above terms and conditions. I understand that the times my child or ward is scheduled to volunteer may change.


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