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Canadian Western Bank working for St. Albert

Moostoos at Canadian Western Bank

Canadian Western Bank (CWB) is known as "the working bank” — a name that is apropos, as they are working hard to make the St. Albert 150th Anniversary Celebration a big success. “Our customers and employees are a part of this community. Sponsoring the Canadian Western Bank Rendezvous 2011 Gala is a once in a lifetime opportunity to show our appreciation for the ongoing support from our customers,” says Jeff Suggitt, Assistant Vice-President and Branch Manager. “All of us look forward to participating in this great initiative for St. Albert.”

CWB believes in working hard to help make their communities better. “If we put our logo on it, we believe in it,” says Suggitt. CWB has demonstrated this dedication to the communities they serve in many ways since opening the St. Albert branch in 2004.

CWB is a bank that gives back. They have been a sponsor of St. Albert Steel hockey team for 3 years. Through their “Greater Interest GIC” program, the Youth Emergency Shelter (who serves clients from St. Albert as well as Edmonton and surrounding areas) received $45,000 two years ago and CWB more than doubled their contribution last year with $106,000. The slogan of the program is: “The more you invest, the more local kids benefit.”

CWB recently posted its 88th consecutive profitable quarter. One of the main reasons for its long history of success is that they keep their operations close to home. They offer exceptional customer experiences and partner with their clients to help them meet their financial objectives. CWB also offers one service mostly unheard of in recent times; their phones are answered by real people.

We thank Canadian Western Bank for its generosity as a sponsor of the St. Albert 150th Anniversary Celebration. Support a business that supports St. Albert. Visit Canadian Western Bank at 300 - 700 St. Albert Trail or give them a call at 780-458-4001.


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Innovations Music

In the city that cultivates life, Innovations Music is at the centre of St. Albert’s cultural lifestyle. For 18 years they have trained their ears to the needs of the community, providing a link between people’s artistic dreams and the tools they have needed to paint those dreams in sound and video.

“We represent a diverse team of skills and passions with which they reach into the homes, schools, businesses and places of worship that surround us,” says Stan Livingstone, General Manager. From a child’s first guitar to a praise team’s stage piano, to the sound and video installation or concert production that brings us together, Innovations Music enables and inspires creativity.

Surrounded by the cultivated beauty of St. Albert’s magnificent gardens, the artistry and self-expression of local talent is the main event. Providing integrated sound, light and video productions, Innovations Music — together with the contributions of the other members of the Visionary group (Visionary College, VStudios, Visionary Entertainment) — nourishes this talent and showcases it to the world. They have:

  • celebrated seven Canada Days in Lions Park;
  • produced nine Rock’n August Music Festivals;
  • presented the St. Albert Idol competition;
  • partnered with Profiles Art Gallery by providing talent and equipment;
  • produced the Provincial Centennial festivities in St. Albert;
  • conducted the Futures Fest talent search for sixteen years;
  • presented and sponsored the MUSE Foundation opening gala (Music Unites the Spirit of Everyone);
  • produced the festivities celebrating St. Albert sports hero Jarome Iginla;
  • provided production and support for the St. Albert’s Spring Trade Show;

and the list keeps growing.

More than just a trusted local music store, Innovations brings a plethora of capabilities to the table; rentals, sales, installations and production services for professional audio, lighting, and video; repair service; musical education through Visionary College; exceptional studio recording and marketing services at VStudios; and event booking and management through Visionary Entertainment Inc.

Livingstone explains, “The team at Innovations Music and the whole Visionary Group is honoured to serve a community with rich history, deep-seated values, and above all, some amazingly gifted young people whose dreams we will help to realize. We celebrate St. Albert’s legacy with these 150th Anniversary festivities and we look forward to being at the heart of this community’s future in the years to come.”

We thank Innovations Music for their generosity as a sponsor of the St. Albert 150th anniversary Celebration. To learn more about Innovations Music and the Visionary Group visit their website at or drop by and visit them at 30, 580 St. Albert Trail.


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The Enjoy Centre proud to support a growing community

Enjoy Centre

If you live in St. Albert you’ve most likely visited Hole’s, a greenhouse and city landmark that has sat on a hill off Bellerose Drive for decades. In a few months Hole’s will be moved to The Enjoy Centre External Link, a “lifestyle facility” located a few kilometres from St. Albert’s downtown. The centre is one of the St. Albert 150th Anniversary’s sponsors and hosted the Canadian Western Bank Rendezvous Gala to kick off the 2011 celebrations.

The rich history behind Hole’s greenhouse dates back to the 1950s with some rich soil. Ted and Lois Hole moved to St. Albert to raise a family and a farm on what Ted called “number one soil.”

Jim Hole, son of Ted and Lois and now co-owner of Hole’s, said it all began when two men drove by the family farm and wanted to buy some cucumbers. “Mom never really thought about selling anything like that,” said Jim.

That planted the seed and soon a greenhouse was built and a business started to bloom. The business flourished and since the 1970s Hole’s has been a bustling destination to buy bedding plants, perennials, shrubs and trees.

Enjoy Centre

But, according to Jim, there was a need for more than what the current facility could offer. So they came up with the idea of creating The Enjoy Centre, a place that will include a spacious greenhouse among many other new amenities such as a rooftop vegetable garden, cafe, banquet hall, spa and wine store. Jim calls it an inspiring place.

“We use the words reflect, relax and reconnect, that’s what the facility will be all about,” said Jim adding these are words that allude to the history of St. Albert and their family’s connection to the community. Jim says he and his family members are proud to be a part of the 150th Anniversary Celebration and that they are carrying on the legacy of their parents.

“They embraced the community and the community embraced them and so it’s ingrained in our family how important this is to St. Albert.”

We thank The Enjoy Centre for its generosity as a sponsor of the St. Albert 150th Anniversary Celebration. The Canadian Western Bank Rendezvous Gala was held on January 22, 2011.

The Enjoy Centre will officially open its doors early in 2011.


Gold Sponsor

AXE Productions celebrates with St. Albert

AXE ProductionsFor Kelly Kimo and Jon Beckett, the two principals of AXE Productions, there is a history of providing and producing live events and concerts that spans over two decades and thousands of shows. Now a leading provider in Edmonton and the region of all facets of live production from sound and lights to staging and video, AXE Productions finds itself involved in major celebrations, festivals, conferences — and everything from the unveiling of the monument to the fallen four in Mayerthorpe to making U.S. Presidents and major celebrities like Kevin Costner look their best when they take the stage.

For close to a decade, AXE Productions has been a part of the culture of St. Albert, including all Chamber events, nine Rainmaker Rodeos, five Rock'n August Music Festivals, as well as now being the main in-house supplier to Servus Place.

In addition to providing high level production services, AXE Productions participates as a sponsor whenever possible. The opportunity to become a sponsor of the St. Albert 150th Anniversary Celebration was at the top of their agenda.

"St. Albert has been very important to us over the years. We also have many friends here and we feel that we are part of the community. As St. Albert continues to grow, so do we, and it is a privilege to be associated with the celebration", says Kelly Kimo, AXE Productions' co-founder.

This has been one of the busiest years for AXE Productions and there is no slowing down in sight.

"What makes us different is the way we work with people as well as the depth of experience we bring to every event thanks to our background in the concert arena. We're not just an AV company and clients don't see us that way. They involve us creatively as well. The production expertise of our team ensures we can execute the creative vision of any event or concert," says Jon Beckett, AXE Productions co-founder.

For AXE Productions, the future is about connecting with the communities, businesses and organizations they work with in a way that promotes long term relationships. In many ways, the St. Albert 150th Anniversary celebration is a milestone that the AXE team appreciates, having been a part of the community's cultural growth over the past 10 years. 

To learn more about AXE Productions, visit or drop by the production offices at 12410b 142nd street. The coffee is always on.


Gold Sponsor

Right Angles Construction Ltd.
measures up a spectacular Rendezvous float

It didn’t take Bob Locicero long to envision what would best represent St. Albert’s 150th Anniversary celebration. As the long-time owner of Right Angles Construction Ltd., a home renovation company with a long history of providing quality, high-end home renovation services to his clients, Bob knew the city needed to have a spectacular float to pay homage to the significance of the dynamic sesquicentennial birthday celebrations.

Louise Height and Bob Locicero, Director of Right Angles Construction Ltd.
Louise Height
and Bob Locicero, Director of Right Angles Construction Ltd.

As a professional home renovator with a reputation for knowing how to get the job done right, Bob dove into the project designing and assembling the float from top to bottom. Then, along with the team of volunteers he brought together, Louise Height, local resident, and his two daughters, they meticulously crafted a float to make the city proud. In addition, his son Lee contributes by driving the float in every parade.  Locicero went on to say “Pride in community becomes a generational thing.” You may have seen the city’s spectacular Rendezvous 2011 anniversary float at its debut at the Rainmaker Rodeo this summer along side of Moostoos, the bison mascot. Since then it has appeared in several local events including Edmonton’s Capital EX parade, Morinville and Legal parades.

Bob donated over 500 hours of his time towards the city’s float, which didn’t surprise the organizers of the Rendezvous 2011 festivities. “Bob is the kind of person that takes pride in leading a complex project like this from start to finish and making sure everything is done perfectly. Thanks to his drive, enthusiasm and great attention to detail the float came to life for all to enjoy,” said Margaret Plain, Chair of the Rendezvous Celebrations.

Rendezvous 2011 float   Rendezvous 2011 float

As a proud St. Albertan who is very involved in the community, Bob Locicero believes it’s important to celebrate our significant history. “What happened here a long time ago with Father Lacombe on Mission Hill helped shaped us into what we are today,” said Locicero. “We need to keep the charm of St. Albert, and it’s important to build upon the city’s slogan, Cultivate Life — it’s what gives us a true sense of community.”

Right Angles Construction Ltd., a full-service home renovations company, has served the St. Albert and surrounding area for over 25 years. The company takes pride in taking care of clients from start to finish: from the consultation, demolition, construction, clean-up, and everything in between. “We only use quality materials combined with exceptional workmanship, and our guarantee of a job well done brings people back year after year,” said Bob Locicero.

The company’s customer testimonials tell a story about satisfied clients who are not afraid to brag about the aesthetics of their finished results and the continued performance of the renovation even years after the work is complete. As Bob says, “Working with the best available products and promising excellence in workmanship gives us the peace of mind of knowing — we have served our customers to our best ability and we are as proud of our community as we are of the work we do.

When it comes to renovations, Right Angles Construction Ltd., does it all, and they do it Right including the proper finishes on a spectacular Rendezvous float which may be coming your way soon.

To learn more about Right Angles Construction Ltd. visit or give them a call at 780-699-1226.


Silver Sponsor

Lehigh Hanson sponsors Homecoming Event

Company with a long history in St. Albert gives back in through the 150th anniversary celebrations

Staying connected to the community can be a difficult task for a company as large as Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited, which owns Lehigh Cement, Inland Aggregates, Inland Concrete and Inland Pipe. However, a commitment to the community is one of the core values that drive this company.

Working Together to Build our Communities’ is a vision statement that the company takes very seriously. It is a statement that speaks to more than just the planning and engineering that goes into building a community; it also speaks to investing in the community.

“Our commitment to the community is an important part of how we operate. We like to give back to the communities that we work and live in,” says President and CEO Jim Derkach. “Lehigh Hanson is pleased to join in the celebrations of St. Albert’s 150th year. “

A large number of Lehigh employees live in St. Albert, including Jim himself, who has been a resident for 28 years. Jim was also the Vice President at Standard General, a local construction company that was owned by Lehigh Hanson until 2001.

“I’m proud to be a part of a community that has such a rich heritage,” comments Jim. “It is remarkable that St. Albert has managed to maintain its distinct identity while being an integral part of the Edmonton region.”

The celebration of St. Albert’s heritage and our 150th anniversary inspired Lehigh Hanson to sponsor the Homecoming event, which is happening on July 16. “We are pleased to be able to sponsor an event that will welcome former residents back to St. Albert as well as encourage current residents to take a fresh look at the beautiful city they live in,” says Jim. “We really have something special to celebrate in St. Albert.”

One of the things that Jim loves about St. Albert is the spirit of volunteerism that is evident in the community. As the Vice Chair of the 1994 Alberta Winter Games, Jim speaks from experience. “The community was amazing. They really got behind the events and supported us.”

Jim sees the same thing happening with St. Albert’s 150th anniversary celebrations. “This is a great chance for the community to come out and celebrate our unique history.”

The Lehigh name in cement means high quality, dependability and technical excellence. To the community, the Lehigh name also means support for community projects and celebrations like The Lehigh Hanson Rendezvous 2011 Homecoming.


Silver Sponsor

The REALTORS® give back by funding volunteer sculpture

Ask a REALTOR® to volunteer and you will get an emphatic "Yes!" in response. REALTORS® live, work, play and give back to the communities they are involved in. That's why when the St. Albert 150th Celebration Committee approached The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton about sponsoring the Volunteer Appreciation Sculpture legacy project, we were greeted with an emphatic "Yes!" from Jon Hall, the Manager of Marketing and Communications.

"It was a no brainer for us," says Jon. "When we heard about the opportunity to sponsor a volunteer legacy sculpture, we approached five brokerages in St. Albert with a proposal to match them dollar for dollar to fund this project." In total, REALTORS® have given $25,000 to the 150th Celebration Committee for the sculpture.

So what appealed to them about this project? "It was a great fit for us," says Jon. "In the general population, about 30% of people volunteer. Within the Real Estate profession, that number is closer to 70%."

Jon points out that volunteering is a great way for REALTORS® to meet new people and to make a positive impact on the community.

"REALTORS® want nice looking communities because people want to buy houses and raise families in healthy communities," remarks Jon. "And that's why as an association, The REALTORS® wanted to contribute towards St. Albert's 150th anniversary."

The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton has been active in Edmonton for 85 years and has been instrumental in ensuring sound business processes for buying and selling real estate.

The association has grown with the city, maintaining a database of all houses sold in the city and publishing their own newspaper, Real Estate Weekly, for the past 20 years.

Giving back to the community is a core value for The REALTORS® . Over the past year, the REALTORS® Community Foundation has donated $300,000 to community projects in the Edmonton Region. Over the past 25 years, this total comes to an astounding $2.8 million! In addition, the Real Estate Weekly newspaper and Community Investment projects gives another $200,000 a year back to the community in the form of funding for sports teams and other community groups.

"It's important to us to recognize the work REALTORS® do in the community," says Jon. "Plus we couldn't pass the opportunity to join in the celebration of St. Albert's 150th anniversary!"

Jon jokes that The REALTORS® have been active in the community almost since the time of Father Lacombe. While it hasn't exactly been that long, the truth is that REALTORS® have made a tremendous contribution to City of St. Albert and the growth of the community.


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Local Family Business Helps Celebrate 150th Anniversary

Passion for community fuels Sarasota

Kristin Boser has fond memories of growing up in the vibrant, charming city of St. Albert. One of those memories is how her parents started a home construction business in the basement of their family home that was destined to become Sarasota Homes — the leading custom home developer in the St. Albert market for over a decade.

This remarkable success story came about because of a perfect blending of talent and experience. Kristin’s mother Janet is a well-known real estate agent who has been selling homes in St. Albert for over 20 years. Just over 10 years ago, when Janet and her husband Gary were looking for new challenges in their respective careers, the Achesons melded their financial and real estate expertise to create a home construction business that has surpassed all expectations.

When the business outgrew the basement, they broke ground to build a brand new building in Campbell Business Park. Back then, as they continue to do today, they relied on loyal tradespeople and suppliers and used their in-house design team to build a sustainable, energy efficient headquarters for Sarasota. 

As Kristin explains, “We believe in engaging local trades people who are committed to their community and want to do good work. Our clients are our neighbours, the people you’d meet at a ball game or at the grocery store. So, it’s important to us that our customers receive the best experience — that’s called the Sarasota Advantage.”

Growing up in the Sarasota family business motivated both Kristin and her sister Michelle to complete business degrees at the University of Alberta, and later to become involved in the family business. Michelle, having a passion for home design and decorating, heads up the Sarasota Homes design team that ensures each client’s needs are met in a new home. While eldest daughter Kristin followed in her mother’s footsteps and is now the Associate Broker at Sarasota Realty, the family’s real estate division that was created just three years ago has shone as a leading team in the St. Albert real estate industry. Sarasota is truly a family business with both Kristin’s husband Ryan joining the realty team and Michelle’s husband Rory as part of the construction team.

From its humble beginnings in the Acheson’s basement, Sarasota’s success has been tied to its ability to bring together talented, loyal people who are experts in their fields. As Kristin explains, “We have a have a friendly, knowledgeable team that works in perfect concert to satisfy each customer’s desires. As a result, our customers have consistently rewarded us by referring us to others.”

When the Achesons heard about the City of St. Albert’s 150th Anniversary celebrations, they jumped on the opportunity to give back to the community that has been so loyal to them. Sarasota has sponsored a soccer field house at the Servus Credit Union Place. As well, Sarasota signed on as a sponsor of the recent Rendezvous Gala at the Enjoy Center, providing the wine that was served to guests on this special evening. They also have plans to lend seven smart cars at the Rendezvous 2011 Picnic.

Sarasota has played an important role in the growth of St. Albert from a small suburb into a flourishing city. And, now on the occasion of the city’s 150th birthday, the Achesons are proud to be in a position to contribute. As Kristin sums it up, “We are happy to sponsor the Rendezvous festivities — it gives us a perfect opportunity to pay homage to the community that has stood behind us and rewarded Sarasota with such extraordinary success.”

We thank Sarasota Homes for its generosity as a sponsor of the St. Albert 150th Anniversary Celebration.


Silver Sponsor

Alberco Construction Ltd.

Since 1962, Alberco Construction Ltd. has been an influential business in St. Albert. Founder Gus Simonsmeir first came to St. Albert 52 years ago. His son Ron Simonsmeir and grandson Andrew Simonsmeir both grew up in St. Albert and now own and operate the company. Ron feels St. Albert’s 150th is a “milestone that should be celebrated.”

Bellerose Composite High
Bellerose Composite High

The St. Albert landscape has concrete examples of this storied company’s positive work in our community, with Bellerose Composite High, William D. Cuts and V.J. Maloney schools all built by Alberco. One Alberco-built structure is no longer standing but is still remembered by many residents, as it was their place of birth — the old Sturgeon General Hospital.

Sturgeon General Hospital
Sturgeon General Hospital
Sturgeon General Hospital, 1969
Sturgeon General Hospital, 1969

Alberco has also completed over 200 bridge projects around Alberta, including four overpass structures on Yellowhead Trail, five overpass structures on Whitemud Drive and most recently, the Fort Edmonton Suspension Bridge across the North Saskatchewan River. Currently, Alberco is hard at work shortening the commute on Anthony Henday Drive by constructing the Lessard and Callingwood overpasses.

Sturgeon Bridge, 2006
Sturgeon Bridge, 2006

Involvement in the St. Albert community is important to Alberco. Each year, the company organizes and provides financial support to the Youville Home golf fundraiser. The Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation, the Salvation Army and the Canadian Cancer Society are just a few of the many non-profits that Alberco supports. In 2004 Alberco received the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce President’s Award of Distinction.

The Simonsmeir family lives and works in St. Albert and wants to give back. Since Alberco “has history and so does St. Albert, they have grown together and will continue to grow old together,” explained Ron.

Alberco is a proud sponsor of our 150th anniversary and is extremely pleased to be a part of the St. Albert community.

Silver Sponsor

St. Albert Centre marks city’s 150th Anniversary

Local artists invited to design a youth mural

St. Albert is a rapidly growing city and our residents enjoy an unparalleled standard of living. Given that, it’s no surprise that St. Albert Centre is one of its most thriving, communal shopping hubs. Located just off of Highway 2 and Bellerose Drive, St. Albert Centre is well-positioned to serve the needs of St. Albert and surrounding communities.

St. Albert Centre

“St. Albert Centre is more than just a mall — it’s a familiar, central meeting place for people of all ages and walks of life,” explained Administration Coordinator Shelly Dalrymple. “And our tagline ‘The Heart of Our Community’ speaks to our important role in this vibrant city.” With a strong service offering of 60 stores, the mall boasts a first-rate mix of fashion and lifestyle retailers including Zellers, The Bay, Sport Chek and Winners. The mall’s comfortable and relaxed environment keeps bringing people back to enjoy a unique shopping experience.

And now, as St. Albert Centre celebrates its 30th birthday, it is excited about signing on as major sponsor of the City of St. Albert’s 150th Anniversary Celebration. The mall is showing its support through a youth mural which will be created on the wall near the Payless Shoe store. Dalrymple sees the mural as a shared legacy piece involving the mall, the City and the many talented young artists living in the area. The piece will speak to the historical significance of the sesquicentennial celebrations, the longevity of the mall itself and the role it plays in supporting families, and especially local youth. More importantly, the mural gives St. Albert’s youth an opportunity to leave their mark on St. Albert’s history.

The centre’s retail staff and management, including property owner Ivanhoe Cambridge, are proud to be a part of the 150th Anniversary Celebration. According to Dalrymple, “Since we opened in 1980, the community has embraced St. Albert Centre. Now, as we and the city celebrate important anniversaries, we are happy to have this opportunity to give back to the community.”

We thank St. Albert Centre for its generosity as a sponsor of Rendezvous 2011.


Silver Sponsor

The St. Albert Gazette

St. Albert's 150th anniversary celebrations mark a special milestone in the community's history, and for the St. Albert Gazette, which turns 50 in 2011. The Gazette not only covers news, we're part of your community. Hosting events like our Rainmaker Rodeo Pancake Breakfast are an opportunity to give back to a community we're very proud to serve.

The St. Albert Gazette was one of the first locally-owned businesses to step on board as a Silver Sponsor of St. Albert’s 150th Anniversary Celebration.

As soon as the anniversary committee was formed, the Gazette was there to write stories about this significant event.

Next year is also a special one for the Gazette, which will celebrate its golden anniversary in 2011. For 50 years this family-owned business focused on St. Albert. The newspaper has won multiple awards for many years at both the national and provincial level. The St. Albert Gazette has been named the Best Community Newspaper in Canada and the Best Community Newspaper in Alberta many times, including this year.

The newspaper was founded in June 1961 by its first publisher, Wim Netelenbos. At first the tiny publication was written on 8.5 by 11 inch paper and looked a lot like a modern-day pizza flyer that had been folded and collated to contain the news of the day.

Ernie and Shirley Jamison purchased the Gazette in 1966 and turned it into a broadsheet that was printed on a newspaper press.

As 2011 approaches, the Gazette will feature ongoing tidbits about Rendezvous St. Albert in its What’s On pages, much as reporter Doug Milroy did in his Around Town column 50 years ago.

We thank the community for its generous support of the St. Albert 150th Anniversary Celebration. Look for stories about events and activities in the Gazette and on its website at


Silver Sponsor

Budget driving the celebration

Budget Car and Truck Rental is the transportation provider for the St. Albert 150th Anniversary Celebration. Highlights of the company's sponsorship include transportation for our volunteers to and from parades, cube trucks for transporting equipment, shuttles for the Record Breaking Rendezvous picnic and complimentary shuttle service and drivers for the Canadian Western Bank Rendezvous 2011 Gala.

As a locally owned and operated business, Budget consistently gives back to our community and could not pass up the opportunity to help St. Albert celebrate this milestone. The business has supported such events as the St. Albert Children's Festival and is an active member in good standing with the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce. This past May, Budget staff even put on their cowboy boots and helped support the Rainmaker Rodeo, receiving 2nd place in the Business in Blue Jeans competition.

Budget has been a proud member of our business community for more than 20 years and strives to maintain the quality of customer service and the vehicles in its fleet. The company has been at its present location at 22 Muir Drive since 1995. During this time, Budget has established many great relationships and had the pleasure of renting to thousands of amazing clients.

We thank Budget for its generosity as a sponsor of the St. Albert 150th Anniversary Celebration. Support a business that supports St. Albert; visit Budget at 22 Muir Drive or call 780-448-2000.

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