A mural celebrating St. Albert’s 150th anniversary was unveiled today in St. Albert Centre, with the theme Heart of Our Community. The theme explores the history of the city of St. Albert from the point of view of St. Albert Centre as the “heart” of the community.

“St. Albert Centre is very pleased to sponsor this mural and support these young artists,” says Shelly Dalrymple, Administrative Coordinator for St. Albert Centre. “St. Albert Centre has truly been at the heart of St. Albert for over 30 years and we are happy to be commemorating our place in St. Albert’s history through this mural.”

The mural was a collaborative effort between young artists from Bellerose Composite High School and Paul Kane High School who have been working since the beginning of the year to tell St. Albert’s story through their artwork.

The artwork is also part of the City of St. Albert’s art in public places initiative. “The Art in Public Places Program helps guide the development of a distinct and vibrant civic personality,” says Heidi Alther, Visual Arts Coordinator for the City of St. Albert. “The Heart of Our Community mural is a great example of how art can engage youth in their community and its history while creating a visual legacy for generations to come.”

The mural is on display outside Winners in St. Albert Centre.

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