Use of St. Albert 150th Anniversary Celebration logo

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Purpose: To establish a standard for the use of the St. Albert 150th Anniversary Logo

Logo definition: the logo approved by the 150th Anniversary Celebration Committee
Use of the Logo:

  1. Approval of the logo will depend on the activity, event or function conforming to the vision, mission and value statements. Should a conflict arise, the committee will make the final decision on the use of the logo.
  2. Once the use of the logo has been approved it may be used for the organization’s advertising.
  3. The Committee or the Coordinator reserves the right to revoke the use of the logo with cause when usage is in opposition to the vision, mission and values.
  4. All organizations must complete the application for logo usage and submit it to the Coordinator for approval prior to use.
  5. The official logo must not be modified in any way. True color reproduction must be used. A light background must be used for black and white. The logo may not be reproduced on a textured background where the quality of the logo will be compromised. The logo may not be stretched, expanded or condensed. All enlargements must be true to the original proportions. Applicants must obtain a copy of the logo from the Coordinator.
  6. Any approved sponsor may display the logo on their property, advertisements or promotions for marketing purposes in accordance with this policy exclusive of merchandise.

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Freedom of the City | June 11, 2011

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St. Albert celebrates its sesquicentennial anniversary this year.

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Hey kids! Are you a budding artist?

Cultivate your skills and celebrate St. Albert. Bring your drawings of St. Albert to our office at 109B, 50 St. Thomas Street. You will receive a free St. Albert 150th Anniversary logo sling bag and your art will appear on our website. Children 10 and under only, please. One bag per child.