On June 12, 2011 we were invited to “Meet the Street.” What, you might ask, do you mean? How can anyone meet a street? Thank you for asking!

A unique opportunity was created to view a series of vignettes (small plays) where local actors became the “people” for whom some streets have been named in St. Albert.

Who do we have to thank for this wonderful opportunity? Another great question!

Maureen Rooney and Paul Punyi, otherwise known as Rooney and Punyi, research, write and perform educational theatre. Meet the Street is their brainchild. The 150th Anniversary Celebration Committee and staff helped it happen — along with a number of actors, volunteers, sponsors, St. Albert Transit, some City staff — you get the picture.

How did it happen?

Well … on June 12, 2011 about 265 people arrived at the Servus Credit Union Place parking lot, abandoned their vehicles and climbed aboard a City bus which delivered them to 8 different streets where they met: Chief Poundmaker, Louis Riel, Mrs. Alice Giroux, Lorne Akins, Sam Cunningham, Bishop Grandin, Fleuri Perron and Father Albert Lacombe. With the exception of Father Lacombe, whom we met at St. Albert Parish, we were greeted at each historical figures’ namesake street.

It was wonderful. In a short period of time (due to the careful research about each person) we were moved back in time to better understand the often conflicting perspectives on issues facing each character.What a wonderful way to acquire a new vision of our early community history. During our bus rides, the hosts on each bus were able to provide additional tidbits of information.

For the grand finale, we met Father Lacombe at the Parish Church — at the Grotto. When we arrived we enjoyed bannock and lemonade on the lawn while listening to Father Lacombe. Then there were a few speeches, focusing on the many well-deserved “thanks” — that are now repeated — thank you to everyone who participated!

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