On Friday, May 6, 2011 St. Albert’s 150th Celebration Committee was awarded $75,000 through a Community Initiatives Program grant. This provincial grant was presented to the St. Albert Community Foundation, who applied for the grant on the Committee’s behalf.

“We are very grateful for all the hard work everyone put into helping us get the grant,” says Margaret Plain, 150th Celebration Committee Chair. “In particular, I’d like to thank our MLAs Ken Allred and Doug Horner for their work in making sure we were included in the funding. They really stepped up to bat for us.”
The St. Albert Community Foundation applied for the grant on behalf of St. Albert’s 150th Celebration Committee, who could not apply due to new rules that prohibit groups directly affiliated with a municipality from applying.

“The funds will be put towards marketing the various events we have planned throughout the year and will make a significant difference in our ability to present great events for the whole community to enjoy in St. Albert’s 150th year,” says Margaret.

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